The president of P.A.E. did not appear today at the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Georgia Adelini. Olympiakos Evangelos Marinakis, as he had been called by the first to provide explanations regarding the content of the P.A.E. announcement. Olympiacos after the game with Volos for the Stoiximan Super League.

In the disputed announcement, there is talk of a criminal organization and parastatal in Greek football, while the Ministries of Sports and Citizen Protection are characterized as non-existent, which put human lives at risk.

Yesterday, Mrs. Adeilini invited Mr. Marinakis to come to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court today, in order to inform both her and the deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Court and supervising prosecutor for sports, Georgios Oikonomou.

Today, Vassilis Dimakopoulos, lawyer of Mr. Marinakis, came to the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, who informed both Mrs. Adeilini and Mr. Economou about the intention of the president of Olympiakos to hand over in writing all the information he has about the action criminal organization in the field of football.

Within the next period, Mr. Marinakis is expected to file a relevant memorandum with the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, the content of which will be evaluated by Mrs. Adeilini, who will also determine her further actions.

It is recalled that the announcement of PAE Olympiacos stated the following:

“Greek football is run by a criminal organization. A group of people who operate under the standards of the mafia and have the sole purpose of exterminating Olympiakos.

Today, the Hellenic Football Federation and the KED, by order of the gang, sent Papapetrou and Gortsila to largely judge the Championship. Supporters of the non-existent Ministries of Sports and Citizen Protection who put human lives at risk.

The state and the judicial authorities who in the past had shown particular zeal for the supposed purification of football, even ordering the monitoring of the phones of half the players, today are completely indifferent, stating directly that they are not involved and having left football to the black fate that put it the mafia and the parastatal.

What will happen from here on is uncertain. The mafia will continue its work every week with the referee, the baristas, the observers, firecrackers, tear gas, etc., etc. as their weapon.

How is this going to stop? Will we expect an even greater reaction from the Olympiakos world that sees them being challenged every day?”