By approximately 20%, more expensive than last year, the Christmas table will cost this year, as calculated by INKA – General Federation of Consumers of Greece.

In its announcement, the consumer organization states that it conducted a price survey and it turns out that this year’s Christmas table will cost approximately 147.15 euros, while last year on New Year’s Eve, for the same items, the cost was 119.25 euros. In addition, it is emphasized that the price for olive oil, electricity and lemons has not been taken into account in the cost calculation.

The following prices are detailed for a table of 4 people:

2 kilos of turkey (11 euros per kilo) 22 euros

2 kilos of ribs (13 euros per kilo) 26 euros

1 kilo of sausages (9 euros per kilo) 9 euros

Tomatoes 300 grams (2.5 euros per kilo) 0.75 euros

Cucumber 1 ×0.70 euros

Fresh onions per bunch 0.70 euros

Cabbage map 1.5 euros

Carrots (2 per kilo) 1 euro

Potatoes 1.2 per kilo

Feta cheese (13 euros per kilo) 6.5 euros

Caseri graviera (17.90 euros per kilo) 9 euros

Bottled wine (0.750 ml) 14 euros

Soft drinks (8 × 0.85 euros) 7 euros

Beers (2 x 2.10 euros) 4.20 euros

Melomakarona Kurabiedes (1 kg) 16 euros

Sweets 12 euros

Fruit 3 euros

Stuffed turkey 12 euros

Total: 147.15.