The members of the Union of Prosecutors of Greece, during today’s general meeting, issued a unanimous resolution, in which, among other things, they call on the State “to take all the necessary measures that will ensure the orderly and speedy administration of Justice, in order to meet the fair expectations of the Greek people”.

In more detail, the EEE resolution states:

“The members of the Union of Prosecutors of Greece, during the 38th Annual Regular General Assembly, held on December 10, 2023, UNANIMOUSLY decide the following:

1. THEY EMPHASIZE that the independence of the justice officials is a foundation of our democratic state and CALL all social partners to understand its importance and protect it in practice.

2. THEY REMINDER the state that a guarantee for ensuring this independence is also the granting of salaries, which are sufficient to ensure, on the one hand, the living of its officials in a manner consistent with the prestige of the function they exercise and their mission as organs of the third state power and on the other hand the undivided exercise of their judicial duties.

3. EXPECT the immediate passing of the relevant provision to increase the allowances of prosecutorial and judicial officials: a) for the faster and more efficient processing of cases, as well as for the compensation of expenses incurred in the exercise of their functions (creating and updating library, office organization) and b) the fixed compensation, due to the special conditions of offering services (long stay at the headquarters, employment without working hours, home work, offering services in border and problem areas), at a level that allows the operators of Justice to carry out their duties with the necessary dedication, taking into account in particular the rapid increase in the cost of living, which naturally affects the value of the services and goods, on which the above allowances are spent.

4. THEY POINT OUT that public criticism of public prosecutors, on the occasion of their handling of specific cases, when this is aimed at manipulating them, as well as any inappropriate attempt to turn the operation of justice into a field of political confrontation, does not promote the principles of the rule of law and demonstrates a democracy that is sick and does not inspire or encourage its citizens to respect its institutions.

5. THEY INVITE the State to take all the necessary measures that will ensure the orderly and speedy administration of Justice, in order to meet the fair expectations of the Greek People.

6. THEY URGE the state, when reforming the judicial map of the country, to take seriously into account the particularities of each judicial formation, any unfavorable changes in the service status of justice officials as well as the existing infrastructures, but at the same time to confirm in practice the will for the qualitative upgrading of justice, by taking all those measures that will contribute to the improvement of these infrastructures, to the strengthening of the security of prosecutors and judicial officials, but also to the increase of these organizational positions and the coverage of the vacant organizational positions of judicial officials.

7. ASSURE that the Greek prosecutors exercise their function and will continue to do so, free from any external influence or pressure, based on the Constitution and the laws in accordance with it, but also with absolute conscientiousness, with a high sense of responsibility and dedication to duty, self-sacrifice and above all with bravado and without any fear towards anyone, acting as guarantors of the citizen’s liberties.

8. THEY AUTHORIZE the Board of Directors of the Association of Prosecutors of Greece to undertake all the necessary actions, for the promotion and satisfaction of the proposals and requests of the sector”