Haris Doukas expressed his strong reaction against the government on the occasion of an amendment according to which the municipality of Athens no longer participates in the company “Anaplasi Athens SA”.

The new mayor of Athens – who will take office on January 1, 2023 – strongly criticizes the new regulation, which he describes as “scandalous” while simultaneously calling on the prime minister to “take it back”.

In his announcement, Mr. Doukas points out that the company in question, which ran the “grand walk” of the University, the Vasilissis Olgas and many other…projects, is changing hands “at night” and is passing entirely to the government”.

As Haris Doukas reportss, until now the Municipality of Athens appointed the current Mayor of Athens as president and the representation of the Municipality is 7 out of 11 members on the Board of Directors (3 of which from his faction), while the Mayor also appoints the Managing Director.

“With last night’s amendment to the multi-legislation of the Ministry of Finance, the government throws out of the Board both the Mayor of Athens as chairman of the Board, as well as the members of the Board who come from the Municipality”, he emphasizes in the announcement and adds “
It is noted that in its original form Law 4539/2018 did not provide that the chairman of the Board of Directors is the Mayor of Athens. Added by law of the ND (Article 59 Law 4663/2020). I think the reason is obvious. As well as the reason it is being abolished now that the municipal authority has changed.

This is a regime treatment of the capital of the country, which should not pass. This is a very establishment concept, which does not hesitate to take revenge on the citizens of Athens because they did not elect the elected Government.

It is also obvious that with this decision an attempt is made to frustrate the financial and management control that the new municipal authority intends to carry out on the company and its affairs.

I call on the Prime Minister to withdraw this scandalous amendment now”.