In the conclusion that the death of Oliver, the husky from Arachova, is not due to human intervention but to injuries from “an attack by other/other animals”, the professor of Veterinary Medicine and former rector of AUTH, Nikos Papaioannou, who was appointed as an expert, concludes by ELAS for clarifying the case that caused uproar and anger in public opinion.

The conclusion publicized it Among other things, the professor points out that – while in her testimony the veterinarian Tola, who first examined Oliver, states that “the autopsy showed abuse by a human agent” – “this is not mentioned anywhere in the report necropsy».

Concerning the trauma to the perineum the professor of Veterinary Medicine of the AUTH points out that “as shown in the photograph during the necropsy, it shows extensive sepsis, the severity of which is not justified in the time between the treatment of the wound by the veterinarian and the necropsy. It is estimated that this extensive sepsis at the wound site is due to the fact that, from the way of injury, microbes entered the deep tissues which, in the anaerobic deep environment, developed this rapid septic action. Also in the same photo, peripheral to the wound, a continuous solution of the skin originating from the pulp and incisal organ (tooth) can be seen.

Mr. Papaioannou also notes that “as stated in the Post-mortem Report, no changes were found in the colon, an element that is not consistent with the forcible entry of a foreign body.

Also, clinical signs and changes in the anal ring are not mentioned or identified from the photographs.”

The conclusion concludes: “tthe animal died of post-hemorrhagic shock due to injuries whose characteristics did not suggest human intervention but the nature of the wounds and lesions suggest an attack by other animal(s).’

Now based on the expert’s opinion, as well as all the elements of the case file, the prosecutor handling the case will decide on its further criminal evaluation.