The conditions are suffocating once again in the Ioannina basin. The humidity remains high and almost throughout the 24 hours it is at levels above 80%.

The result of the humidity and the apnea is the fog which covers more and more of the entire basin, of course giving the area its familiar winter image, but also creating difficulties in moving around as well as cancellations of air flights or long delays.

The combination of moisture, of apnea and fog effectively keeps the smog trapped as well with the values ​​of microparticles being at extremely high levels and hitting red in the evening hours.

On Christmas Day and from early afternoon the price was more than 150 micrograms at the station that operates in the city while it was even higher at the Anatoli station.

The Region of Epirus a few days ago had proceeded with the usual recommendations which obviously do not constitute a solution to the problem that has developed into a permanent one during the winter months.