The dense fog covering the Ioannina basin has created serious problems for air flightsin fact, on days when the Prefecture is completely full and the plane tickets have been sold out for days.

The morning Aegean flight changed its departure time from Athens and even though an Airbus aircraft had been dispatched – and not the helicopters that usually make the route – it was finally cancelled.

As a result, several passengers stayed in Athens and many more in Ioannina.

The protests were intense since it was necessary after a long wait not only to be informed of the cancellation but also to look for a way to reach Athens since they either have to return to work or some have to continue their journey.

Unfortunately, on days of dense fog, there can be no solution and this does not only apply to the Ioannina airport. Similar problems are often recorded in Thessaloniki, where the airlines use neighboring airports – usually Kavala – as an alternative solution.