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Illegal prescriptions of 3 million euros in the Nursing Home of Chania – What is included in the case file


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Shocking is what is included in the case file that has been formed against a total of 36 people for what was going on behind closed doors. nursing home in Chania.

Yesterday, the police authorities proceeded to arrest seven people, following the arrest warrants issued.

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According to information from cretapost, they are: 69-year-old mother and 43-year-old daughter who appear as owners of the nursing home, two doctors (including the one who signed the death certificates of the elderly) and three more people (nurses and administrative staff).

During the search of the authorities in their homes 7 arrested 105,000 euros in cash and many jewels from illegal activity were found and confiscated.

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All seven were prosecuted for setting up and joining a criminal organization, homicide (about 29 deaths and 8 attempted cases), fraud, forgery and cases of issuing and using false medical certificates, a report from which and breach of duty.

Those arrested are expected to apologize on Friday and Saturday.

Illegal prescriptions amounting to 3 million euros

30 cases of death, 8 attempted cases and illegal prescriptions amounting to up to 3 million euros are included in the case file that has been formed against 36 people in total (including the 7 arrested).

According to information from the newspaper “Patris”, the case file is hundreds of pages long and they depict situations and conditions that cause heartache and horror as they describe inhuman and even violent behaviors against the elderly guests.

The investigation of the Hellenic Police focuses on 30 cases of deaths and 8 attempted murders, but the Security of Chania estimates that the deaths caused by the alleged members of the criminal organization are much more, but due to objective difficulties and time constraints, it was not possible. further investigation of this horrific case.

This assessment is reinforced, at the discretion of the competent pre-investigation Authority, by the fact that 293 cases of deaths of elderly people related in any way to their hospitality in the structure have been recorded, from January 2015 to March 2021, as typically stated.

Those involved in the alleged criminal organization are attributed, among other things, that instead of preserving the dignified living of food and their fundamental rights to their health and their own lives, they intentionally failed to do so, deliberately committing certain illegal acts. resulting in either the only active cause of these actions and omissions being either the causally induced killing or the attempted killing of the elderly guests.

In case file The activity of the alleged criminal organization is determined in a period of 12 years, while the illegal property benefit is estimated at the pre-investigation Authority in millions of euros.

It is also reported that from the investigation of the kept data concerning the AMKA of the elderly guests in the structure, illegal prescriptions of medicines amounting to approximately 3,000,000 euros were found!

The following are attributed to the elderly guests:

– Malnutrition: the quantity of food administered on a daily basis was minimal to non-existent, its quality was low and its administration was done in a very short time due to pressure. To the extent that, as it is claimed, cases of food aspiration (drowning) had been observed.

They rarely ate meat, few fruits and drank milk diluted with water.

It is alleged that they even provided leftovers from previous meals, even dangerous animal offal provided free of charge by traders of this kind. It is estimated that the daily cost of feeding each food was about 0.55 euros.

– Non-existent hygiene: it is claimed that their personal hygiene was sparse and where, they were washed and cleaned with used towels and used soaps, common razors, etc.

The robes they wore were seldom cleaned, and in many cases they were replaced with unclean incontinence diapers for the elderly.

– Trapped: the accused are said to have applied to several elderly people full and 24-hour immobilization tactics either in their beds or in wheelchairs, using lashing straps, which they placed on the forearms and ankles.

In addition, it is blamed that the majority of the elderly were administered directly and on a regular basis strong sedative psychiatric drugs (without a justified diagnosis) in order to inactivate their mental functions and reduce their mobility.

As a result, as described, the elderly lose contact with the environment, are permanently lethargic and in their body cause large ulcers from bed rest and septic conditions, with a rapid deterioration of their already deteriorating health.

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