“We are in an explosion of viruses with the first one being the coronavirus,” said pulmonology professor Nikos Tzanakis on the SKAI ‘TODAY’ show on Wednesday morning regarding the outbreak of covid-19 and the increase in cases.

“Over 1,200 prescriptions for antiviral drugs are being prescribed every day, while in November we were at 300 to 400. We also see large increases in admissions, deaths and intensive care beds,” he noted.

“Those over 60, those with serious health problems must follow the vaccination program”he underlined and added: “The vulnerable over 60-65, regardless of whether they have health problems or if they face oncological, hematological problems or if they take immunomodulating drugs they should be extra careful”

“The state must pass the culture of annual vaccination. We think that because we’ve been vaccinated against the coronavirus we’re fine, but we have to get vaccinated every year, just like we do for the flu,” the professor stressed.

Mr. Tzanakis estimated that “there will be an explosion of viruses after the New Year gatherings”.

“We are immunologically vulnerable from quarantines, due to prolonged confinement and the ‘laziness’ of our respirator,” he explained