Ultimately, the doctors failed to “save” the part of his hand 38 year old hunter who yesterday in an unimaginable way fell into a ravine in the area of ​​Spilia Kissavos and injured himself from his weapon.

According to information from onlarissa.gr, the unfortunate man who was initially taken to the General Hospital Larisawas transferred to the University due to the seriousness of his condition.

However, the wound inflicted by a large-caliber bullet caused such damage to the arm of one arm that it was necessary for the amputation of.

According to medical sources, his health condition on Monday morning appears to be stabilizing.


The 38-year-old, who comes from a village in Larissa, had gone to hunting together with others on Sunday, in the “Sokaki” area in Kissavos.

Under circumstances that have not yet been clarified, he reportedly lost his balance and slipped, falling into gorge.

When he fell, the weapon he was holding he erupted and seriously wounded him in the hand..

He informed his friends via radio that he was conscious, while an operation was immediately set up by EMAK, while a special helicopter of the Unified Coordination Center for Search and Rescue transported him after 5 pm to the 110th Fighter Wing and from there he was transported to the on-call General Hospital.


In a related announcement on Sunday, moreover, the Fire Service states the following: “Early at noon, today, Sunday, January 7, 2024, the Operations Center of the Fire Department was notified of an injury to a man, in an inaccessible area near the settlement of Spilia of D.E. Nessonos of Larissa.

A search and rescue team was immediately set up consisting of 14 firefighters from the 1st and 3rd Fire Brigades of Larissa as well as from the O.O.E.D. of the 8th E.M.A.K.

After investigations, the Firefighters, in the presence of private citizens, located the man, seriously injured, near the settlement Spilia of D.E. Nessonos of Larissa.

Then, with the help of rescuers and a doctor from EKAB, the Firefighters, after recovering him, carried him on a stretcher to a safe place and he was picked up by an EKSED helicopter.

The operation was completed at noon today, Sunday, January 7, 2024.”