“They haven’t stopped for a minute investigations in the Medium length. From the first moment, the police officers of Messolonghi and Patras have done an excellent job. Of course, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, which has a leading role in this case,” said the EL.AS press representative Constantia Dimoglidou to SKAI and the show “Kalimera” with Giorgos Autias, on the occasion of the disappearance of the 31-year-old in Medium length.

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The police are focusing on the area today Saint Procopius where the men of EL.AS identified objects, which they took to the forensics to be examined to whom they belong.

A private diver is expected to take part in the investigations at the request of the 31-year-old’s mother, who will focus mainly on the Evinochori plain, where there are many marshlands and irrigation canals and the mobile phone companies have caught the last traces of the missing person’s mobile phone.

According to SKAI information, the stigma of the mobile does not confirm his words 50-year-old butcherwho claimed to be at his home at a certain time.

“The digital evidence department is working around the clock. We are optimistic that in the end we will also be able to understand what happened that night with the missing person. And to get to the perpetrator, if there is a criminal act.

So far there is no suspect, no one has been brought to the security,” added Ms. Demoglidou, stressing that a “very thorough investigation” is being carried out.