Murder of 19-year-old Alkis: They are looking for the 12th and the “ghost” car


Authorities have launched a manhunt to locate the 12th member of the “death squad of hooligans” in Thessaloniki.

This is the driver of the third car of the perpetrators.

His presence at the scene of the murder is confirmed by the others involved in the bloody attack against Alkis.

Today, another 4 of the accused were transferred to the Investigator in order to apologize, while the 4th is still apologizing. This is the one who was photographed as a murderer.

He claims that he had nothing to do with Alkis’s injury and that at that moment he was chasing a friend of Alkis.

Searches for the 12th and the ghost car

According to information, the authorities have turned to the search for the 12th of the gang, who is also said to be the driver of the gray Polo.

He is described in the testimonies as a man with a height of 1.70, unshaven and wearing a hat. His age is determined at 23-24 years.

In some deposits he is referred to as “Megalos” and a resident of Oreokastro.

The people who managed the deadly blows to Alkis with the scythe and the crowbar were riding in the Polo. However, there are reports of a 13th person.

Police have mapped the movements of the vehicle, however it has not been found yet.

Details on a second car

The Directorate of Criminological Investigations located in the black Clio DNA of Alkis in a seat and on a mat. This is the vehicle in which blood was found on the plate that the perpetrators threw during their escape.

The perpetrator who threw the knife into the sewer was also in the car in question.

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