An alarm was sounded at the University of Patras after a case of meningitis was reported to a student.

In particular, a first-year student of the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering of the University of Patras fell ill with meningitis caused by the pathogenic meningococcus.

According to, the student was immediately transferred to the University Hospital of Patras where he is intubated but in a stable condition, while the required sanitary measures were quickly applied to the students with whom the case had come into contact, as meningococcus can cause such an endemic disease as well as epidemic.

In particular, meningitis which is an inflammation of the meninges, i.e. the membranes that cover the brain stem and spinal cord occurs in the form of viral meningitis which is very common but rarely fatal, while bacterial meningitis is more rare, but dangerous and even fatal, in some forms of it.

In the specific case of the sick student, it is meningitis caused by meningococcus where the bacterium is transmitted after prolonged contact with the patient and according to the EODY the people who have been in direct contact with him should receive chemoprophylaxis and in fact all those who came to contact with the patient during the 7-day period before the onset of symptoms.