The terror was experienced by patients and attendants in the early hours of last Saturday at the pathology clinic of Messolonghi hospital, after a Roma attack.

As reported in, attendants suddenly saw in front of them around 4 in the morning, about 30 Roma people breaking whatever they found in front of them and attacking the hospital workers, beating them and cursing them in a vulgar way.

The incident happened when a Roma woman was taken to the hospital with a stroke at 3 am. The doctors and nurses did what was foreseen to save the woman, which was done and they transferred her to a hospital ward.

There the patient had an epileptic seizure as perceived by other patients and attendants as a result of which the Roma who accompanied her thought she was dying. So within five minutes 30 people arrived at the hospital and started breaking, destroying and beating the doctors and nurses.

The infirmary, on the other hand, was full of patients who lived the absolute nightmare as they did not know if they would come out alive from this chaos caused by the Roma.

In fact, as a patient companion mentioned, some people tried to unscrew a fire extinguisher that was on the wall, but luckily they didn’t succeed, because if something like that had happened, we might have lost human life.

One of the doctors was hit on the head, injuring him, while nurses and ward assistants were hit.

The police were called and after a while the episode ended. However, the workers as well as the patients are afraid because this was not the first episode that happened in the hospital with Roma perpetrators.