“The overall progress of an iconic road project, its construction Patras – Pyrgos highway, approximately 75 km long, has now passed 30%, while we estimate the completion rate to be 50% by June 2024 and exceed 75% by the end of the year, with project completion being achieved as we have commit, within 2025″. He emphasized this in statements made today by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christos Staikouras, during his visit together with Deputy Ministers Christina Alexopoulou and Nikos Tahiao to the facilities of the “Olympia Odu” highway, in Rio, where they were informed about the progress of the project .

As the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport added, “it is recalled that in July 2023, when we visited the construction sites, the construction progress was less than 20% and this means that within six months, the project progressed at a very high and accelerated rate” .

At this point, Christos Staikouras characteristically mentioned that “the government is consistently implementing another emblematic project, with an important developmental and social sign, necessary for the road safety of the routes in the western Peloponnese”.

At the same time, he underlined that “the Patras-Pyrgos highway project, together with the delivery of the road axis Actio-Ambrakia in a few days, the completion of a significant part of E65 in a few months, and its operation Thessaloniki Metro within the year, constitute collective milestones of success for 2024,” and added: “The country is developing, upgrading, strengthening.”

For her part, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for TransportChristina Alexopoulou, said in the statements he made: “The new national road Patras-Pyrgos is a project that I defended from the first moment as an MP for Achaia, since it will change the road map of Western Greece. Now, we are able to announce today that the progress of the work has exceeded 30% and indeed in less than six months the pace of implementation has skyrocketed, which will continue in the coming months. Given that the schedules are strictly adhered to, by 2025 we will have a modern and safe highway which will contribute both to the improvement of road safety and to the development of Western Greece and the entire country. We are closely monitoring the development of a breathing project which is being implemented for the benefit of local communities, but also of the national economy”.

In his statements, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for Infrastructure, Nikos Tahiaos, pointed out that “the Patras-Pyrgos highway is a large project, of high standards, 74.8 kilometers and a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour, which will upgrade transport in the region and turn a high-risk road into a safe passage”. At the same time, he underlined that “it will reduce the travel time between the two cities, but also the travel time from Athens”. “The goal of the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis”, he continued, “is to have the project completed for the most part in the first months of 2025 and, in full, a few months later”, adding: “We are very optimistic that we will not deviate from the schedule and initial design and that the project will be delivered on time and with the quality specified”.

After the briefing by the president and managing director of “Olympia Odou” Panagiotis Papanikolas, Christos Staikouras, together with Christina Alexopoulou and Nikos Tahiaos, visited construction sites of the highway in Achaia and Ilia.