“The involvement of another person is not ruled out,” said the press representative of ELAS, Constantia Dimoglidou, speaking to Mega earlier today.

“The investigation does not stop here, as we cannot rule out the involvement of other people. We will continue to examine whatever evidence we find to be able to find this man,” he said.

In fact, he emphasized that the motive has not been clarified, while the information in their hands of the police shows that an appointment was made between Babis and the butcher, but not for hunting.

Fruitless are to this day the investigations in the Medium length to locate his body 31-year-old Babiswho after the arrest of the 50-year-old butcher, is considered to have been a victim murder.

Experts estimate that the body may take a long time to be found – even months – while his sister said they will search the entire plain “meter by meter” on their own.

THE 50 years old butcher has been judged under arrestwithout having confessed to the murder of the 31-year-old and is expected to apologize next Monday.

However, the first time he was arrested for gun possession, he allegedly stated to prisoner of Messolonghi police station that ” where Babis is buried, no one is going to find him».

Indeed, according to correspondent of SKAI, Christos Stratoulakosduring his first arrest, the 50-year-old allegedly asked also the same person for the detention conditions in Korydallos prisons.

His fellow prisoner then realized that something was going on with the 50-year-old and lied to him that he had made a prison in Korydallos in order to extract more information from him.

This man spoke to SKAI and sent message to the accused butcher to speak and to tell the truth – either that he did it, or if he knows something – so that the victim’s family can get the answers they want.