Reporting: Makis Synodinos

The facts that have come to light about the crime in Chalkida where a 43-year-old man was brutally murdered in the middle of the street by a woman are shocking.

The 43-year-old victim

According to his secure information eyewitness in tough crime it was the victim’s wife who heard voices, went out to the balcony of the apartment and saw the assailant killing her husband with a knife.

Immediately despite the shock he suffered he called 100 where he reported “A woman kills my husband.”

DIAS motorcyclists immediately arrived at the scene where they spotted the 43-year-old in the middle of the road covered in blood. The man had stab wounds to his left shoulder blade while he had blood all over his body.


An ambulance station was called to the scene, whose doctor pronounced him dead.

Near the corpse, a woman was found with blood on her clothes, which was brought to T.A. Chalkidas and is being examined as a suspect.

The chronicle of the tragedy

The 43-year-old was a carpenter by trade and left early every day to go to work. The incident occurred shortly after 08.00 in the morning on the main street of Chalkida near the 4th Gymnasium.

The 43-year-old was approached in the middle of the road by the 39-year-old woman where they had a heated argument in the middle of the road. Then during the fight, he allegedly pulled out a knife and inflicted several fatal stab wounds to the 43-year-old’s chest.

The authorities are investigating the motives of the crime, while security officers are at the scene to gather information.