The 39-year-old accused of killing the 43-year-old in Chalkida is preparing her apology, while the authorities are looking for answers on her mobile phone.

Tomorrow he will appear before the Prosecutor and Investigator.

The case is complicated, after the allegations of the accused’s parents that the victim had allegedly raped the 39-year-old, allegations which she seems to have denied through her lawyer.

The dead man’s brother also denies everything.

As pointed out by evima.grthe motive for the murder of the 43-year-old in Chalkida remains unanswered, with the authorities looking for what armed the 39-year-old’s hand.

The police are “dusting” the mobile phones to find out what messages have been exchanged between the victim and the accused and if there was something serious enough to cause such an explosion.

The key witness is the husband of the 39-year-old woman

The police believe that the “key” witness is her husband, who from the first moment – at least according to the information – knew the relationship, whatever it was, between the victim and the perpetrator.

In addition to what he will testify, his own mobile phone will also be checked, as the accused’s father stated that there was a strained relationship between them.

Prosecutor and investigator will attempt on Wednesday that the 39-year-old apologizes to find out her motive, as she had told the police that whatever she has to say she will tell the investigator.