Two examining doctors of the EOPYY were convictedbecause they approved medical prescriptions for the administration of catheters to insured persons, who had either died or had no medical conditions justifying their use, thereby damaging the Agency.

It is about a woman (practicing doctor) and a man (now retired), who were found guilty by the Three-member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki for false certification. The Court imposed a prison sentence on them – on the first 2 years and on the second 10 months, with the recognition of the mitigating factor of the former legal life. The sentences were decided to be suspended for 3 years.

The defendant, who was convicted with the highest pwine, was found guilty of administering catheters in 23 cases and in the name of 16 EOPYY insured persons, most of whom had passed away, while her co-accused in 6 cases and on behalf of two insured persons.

The acts, according to the indictment, were carried out in the period 2017-18 in Health Centers and the cost for each catheter ranged from 400 to 450 euros. The specific consumables, according to the indictment, were from a specific medical and pharmaceutical company.

In their apologies, the two defendants denied the acts, saying that they did the necessary checks and that they could not dispute the medical prescriptions.