Before the Public Prosecutor voluntarily will attend on Monday (29/01) Konstantinos Polychronopoulos.

The creator of the social kitchen “The Other Man” is set to answer money laundering charges stemming from the Anti-Money Laundering Authority’s findings.

According to the report of SKAI, people from the friendly environment of Mr. Polychronopoulos informed that on Monday (29/01) he will voluntarily go to the Prosecutor in order to apologize for the charges attributed to him.

The founder of the social kitchen “The Other Man”, has been in Patras since Saturday, however on Sunday (28/01) he suspended the planned action in Georgiou Square.

It is recalled that the conclusion of the investigation states that since January 2020, the founder of the social kitchen “The Other Man”, together with his relative and an associate, formed a criminal organization, convincing a large number of people to make donations of 600,000 euros for the social kitchen.

Then withdrawals were made from the bank accounts where this money was deposited and also passed on to gambling companies.

The bank accounts of his two alleged accomplices were found under the microscope of the investigations, as he himself does not have a bank account, while all kinds of accounts, securities, investment data and investment products of the founder of the social kitchen and the other persons involved have been ordered to be frozen.

The path of money

According to the conclusion of the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, the route of the money was as follows:

  • Citizens made donations to support the social kitchen
  • This money was deposited in three bank accounts
  • From there they were transferred to betting companies and games of chance
  • Much of this was withdrawn in cash