By Yannis Anifantis

It is expected to be forwarded to the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office statement of the managing director of Hellenic TrainMaurizio Capotorto, in order to investigate the possible commission of the offense of perjury during his testimony to the committee, following a unanimous decision of its members.

The rapporteur of SYRIZA Vasilis Kokkalis he emphasized that “the condition of the witness is being checked”, with him proposing that the witness’ testimony “be forwarded to the Prosecutor of Appeals who is conducting the interrogation, for the possibility of committing the offense of perjury”.

The opposition parties agreed with SYRIZA’s proposal, with Mr Lazaros Tsavaridis on the part of the majority to blame him Maurizio Capotorto for “outraging, insulting and derogatory” testimony, as he “did not ask for an apology from the victims”, with him pointing out that “they died on their own trains”.

“The witness came to throw ashes in our eyes, he attributed the accident only to the station master, he did not mention the mistakes of the train drivers and the overall responsibility of Hellenic Train” emphasized the ND rapporteur, speaking of “an outrageous denial of responsibility by Hellenic Train” , adding that “they brought us old trains, shoes”.

The majority agreed to send his testimony to justice, with Maurizio Capotorto responding “no comment” to the commission’s decision.