Nineteen candles were symbolically lit at 00:19 today, February 1, at the spot where 19-year-old Alkis Kampanos was murdered two years ago, in a blind fan attack in the Harilaou area of ​​Thessaloniki.

The symbolic movement, accompanied by the observance of a minute of silence, was organized by the February 1, 2022 Structure – In the Name of Alkis in memory of the young student on the occasion of the completion of two years since his murder, in the presence of Aristides Kampanos’ father and sister of Maria.

“Two years have passed since that day of February 1, (when) twelve young PAOK fans blindly guided by their wild instincts did the unthinkable. They took Alki’s life because a kid in his company called out that he was Ares. Time for me and Melina and our family stopped at that moment,” said the father with an obvious emotional charge.

“We gathered here to pay tribute to Alkis and together with the other children”, as “in the last two years we also mourned other victims. Unfortunately (…) we were trying all this time for Alkis to be the last victim”, added Mr. Kampanos.

Actions against violence will continue at 17:00.

Three young children with disabilities but enormous strength, Giannis, Leandros and Spyros, friends of Aris, PAOK and AEK respectively, with their teams’ insignia, like little Maya, will symbolically leave at the scene of the murder by a flower, sending a message of sportsmanship, coexistence of colors, inclusion.

At the same time, throughout the day, a banner with the slogan “We are becoming one for Alkis” will be erected at the scene of the murder, inviting fans of different clubs to be photographed wearing the colors of their teams.