In Thessaloniki and the Agrotica exhibition, the farmers’ mobilizations are transferred. Representatives from all the blocs with 300 tractors are expected to be this morning in the square of HANTH in order to line up in front of the International Exhibition, where they will remain for four days.

The tractors are expected to be lined up on the sidewalk, in the South Arch of TIF, where they will remain throughout the duration of Agrotica, until February 4th. According to information, they do not intend to block the passage of visitors to the exhibition, nor to burden the traffic problem in the city.

Growers who will park their tractors in the South Arch of the fair include primary sector people from Serresthe Imathiathe Pieriahim Dinglethe Chalcidice and Redistribution. Many farmers and breeders will come with their agricultural vehicles from different parts of it Northern Greecein order to participate in the protest rally that is going to take place tomorrow, although the time of its implementation has not yet been finalized.

On Saturday, the pan-Hellenic rally of farmers in Agrotica is planned, in which among others the farmers from Thessaly will participate.

In the meantime, in the morning the beekeepers of Macedonia have made an appointment at the bridge of Thermi, who will descend with their vehicles to the center of Thessaloniki in order to participate in the mobilizations that are planned.

It is possible that farmers and breeders from the prefecture of Imathia will symbolically close the road on Egnatia Street at the junction of Kouloura, while it is also possible that the farmers from Epanomi will try again their descent towards the airport junction. In Serres, those who do not arrive in Thessaloniki will hold a protest rally in the city today, while it is emphasized that farmers’ blockades have been set up in Kastoria, Eordaia, Naoussa and other areas.

Several hundred tractors are also expected to flood Brussels and paralyze the European capital on the day of the EU summit, according to Belgian media reports. The Commission took a first step and proposed some exceptions to some of the obligations that farmers have. Now, it is up to the member states to consider them before taking the next steps.

Based on the proposal of the European Commission which was submitted by France with the support of Greece, farmers can cultivate in lands that should have remained fallow, as a result of which they are given the opportunity to have a double profit, since they will be able to sell the products that they will grow on the specific lands, without being excluded from the planned support.

In addition, they are exempt from any control – fine.

The message that the government will do its best to support the agricultural world was sent by the prime minister, who had a meeting with farmers yesterday, in the Vonitsa block. “Supporting the primary sector is a priority”, underlined Kyriakos Mitsotakis.