The possibility of making electricity tariffs available for less than a year, but at least for six months, is provided to suppliers by a decision of the Ministry of Environment and Energy published in the Government Gazette.

The amendment creates the conditions for setting lower electricity prices as the risk assumed by suppliers by offering a fixed tariff is limited in time. Already in January, such a tariff (fixed for 8 months, fluctuating afterwards) is available from the “Natural Gas Hellenic Energy Company” which was the reason for the modification of the framework.

As announced by the ministry, the decision signed by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Thodoros Skylakakis and the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Alexandra Sdoukou, enables suppliers to offer mixed electricity supply products and contracts of at least six months duration.

Based on the new decision, mixed products are defined as those that combine characteristics of some of the four tariff categories (fixed: blue, special: green, floating: yellow and dynamic: orange). “Miscellaneous” is defined as falling within the yellow marked procurement products.

In addition, it is pointed out that the Regulatory Authority publishes, monthly, on its website the charges applied, apart from the special tariff (green) which is already implemented, for each electricity supply product, depending on its duration. These are, in particular, the fixed charges and electricity supply charges, which are published in the form of a table in the R.A.A.E.Y. price comparison tool. with special labeling, for reasons of enhanced transparency and information, regarding the duration of the product.

In the case of granting discounts by the providers, the corresponding fixed charges and electricity supply charges after their calculation are published, as well as the condition on the basis of which the discount is granted.

Regarding the duration of the contracts, the decision provides that the minimum duration of the electricity supply contract offered by the provider to the consumer is set at one year from the date on which the provision of the service begins. However, providers are given the opportunity to offer their customers contracts of a shorter duration, if the consumer requests it and/or agrees to the relevant supply offer proposed by the provider. In any case, the minimum period of validity of the offered supply invoices cannot be less than six months.

“The institutionalization of these possibilities complements the successful – in terms of strengthening competition – introduction of the green tariff and is done with the criterion of greater transparency and better safeguarding of the interests of the consumer”, emphasizes the Ministry of the Interior.