The head of the Athens First Instance Prosecutor’s Office, Antonis Eleftherianos, was ordered today by the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Georgia Adelini the execution preliminary investigation into the incident at the High School of Kalyvia Atticain which the student’s father allegedly stormed into a classroom and attacked teachers and the school’s principal.

In more detail, according to reports, the father of a student, who had been punished, broke into the high school classroom in Kalyvia and attacked his son’s teacher.

The incident took place during a lesson, in front of the students, while, according to teachers’ testimonies, the man who invaded the school premises, forcibly entered the school room, threatened and abused the teacher and closed the door on her, hitting her on the shoulder. She then headed to the school principal’s office.

In particular, the order of the prosecutor of the Supreme Court is as follows:

“We are sending you the attached electronic press reports, according to which the father of a student invaded the school premises and also inside a classroom in Kalyvia and attacked the teachers and the Principal, who imposed pedagogic measures on his son, because he insulted a teacher and we ask for your own actions to verify the commission of ex officio prosecuted criminal acts”.