Hundreds of sales of modern agricultural machinery were agreed this year at Agrotica, the largest agribusiness fair in Greece, despite protests by farmers and ranchers, with the government, according to sources, planning to increase funds channeled to subsidize the purchase of farm equipment. .

Most of the machinery purchases are subsidized by national and Community funds, with the aim of continuously supporting and modernizing the primary sector.

50 to 70% of the cost comes from the subsidies granted in the context of the Improvement Plans, which aim to stimulate the competitiveness of agricultural holdings, while resources from the Recovery Fund are also used to finance the markets, with the subsidy in this case being is set at 50%.

It is noted that the value of a modern tractor exceeds 150,000 euros.

Applications for funding through the Improvement Plans amounted in 2023 to 403.4 million euros nationwide, an amount almost double the available credits of 203.8 million euros.

However, money has already been disbursed to cover all claims submitted by growers in Thessaly and Evros, areas particularly affected by natural disasters last year.

According to information, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food has initiated the approval of additional credits, increasing the available resources by 50 to 70 million euros.