By Penelope Galliou

With his “eyes”. Megaros Maximos have focused on tomorrow’s upcoming rural mobilizations, the government seeks to entrench order and security, but also the activity of the rest of the citizens and visitors to the capital as unhindered as possible, taking the necessary measures.

In fact, the governmentseeing the immovable attitude and the determination of the farmers to proceed with their mobilizations, but also attempting to defuse the crisis that prescribes a possible ban on mobilizations, is called upon to resolve yet another delicate balance exercise between itself, the undisturbed everyday life of the capital and the right of farmers in protest and mobilizations.

A red line and an inviolable rule for the Maximos Palace remains the avoidance of obstructing and disrupting the passage of other citizens who live and operate in Athens. In this context, the decision of the Ministry of Citizen Protection and Michalis Chrysochoidis. After repeated meetings and consultations, the green light was finally given and the farmers were allowed to descend with tractors and agricultural vehicles in Athens in order to demonstrate at the Constitution, under specific terms and conditions, including the escort of patrol cars from the roadblocks to Athens and vice versa , the prohibition of uncontrolled movements of tractors in the center of the capital and their limitation to a specific area in Syntagma Square, in the context of the gathering and demonstration.

According to government sources, where all the planning is focused in view of tomorrow’s mobilizations is the uncontrolled descent into Athena at the risk of creating a traffic chaos and affecting the social and economic activity of the capital with negative consequences. On the other hand, of course, the same sources emphasize that the measures and ensuring the uninterrupted movement and activity of the rest of the citizens, does not mean that it deprives or removes from the farmers the right to protest and demonstrate, but always – as they point out – within within the framework of the law and without “derailments”. “Farmers have the right to protest, as long as this is done without closing the roads,” observed the government representative Pavlos Marinakis, in his televised interview with ERT and added “every professional group has the right to demonstrate, as provided by law, without everything to do with the free passage of citizens is disrupted.”

He sent a new message to the farmers through his established Sunday communication with the citizens, via Facebook, and the Kyriakos Mitsotakis recognizing on the one hand, that farmers have many problems, but on the other hand, underlining the long-term support of the government in the primary sector since the first moment of assuming its duties, in 2019. He reiterated the unwavering intention of the government that it is not going to risk fiscal stability and of the strength of the Greek economy. “I won’t repeat here what we have done in total since 2019 for the world of primary production. The problems are many and complex. We will certainly continue to stand firmly by their side, but always taking into account the country’s fiscal capacity. We cannot jeopardize what we have achieved” concluded the Prime Minister’s message to the agricultural world.