The informational activity of the Municipality of Athens, and specifically of the Department of Cleanliness – Recycling, on the topic of Household Bio-waste Collection, was held in Lambrini square in Patisia with great success.

In the presence of the Mayor of Athens, more than 600 residents received small household brown bins and were informed in detail about the household collection of bio-waste.

In his statements, Haris Doukas noted: “More than 1,600 households have already been informed about our action. We provide citizens with useful information on how we recycle organic waste. If we can significantly increase the recycling of organic waste and reach 50%, then we will save over 2.5 million euros a year. Hundreds of our fellow citizens have come here since morning. They’ve taken the little brown bins, they’ve taken the biodegradable bags. We vigorously start the effort for recycling. Green Athens begins now.”

The deputy mayor of Cleanliness and Recycling Roxani Bey he emphasized: “It is a pilot program that is proceeding in cooperation with the managers of the apartment buildings in the area. Me and the Mayor thank them. We believe that since this pilot program was successful in the fifth district, it can work in the other neighborhoods as well. The message today is very optimistic.”

A total of 220 apartment buildings and 1600 apartmentshave already been informed about the new Household Bio-Waste Collection Program, while in today’s action 1100 household brown bins of 10lt (small brown bins) and 4,000 biodegradable bags were distributed.

Those interested had the opportunity to state their residential address, so that the Municipality could soon carry out an informative visit to their homes.

The network of brown bins is constantly expanding. Specifically, today approximately 700 brown bins serve 108 supermarkets, 55 hotels, 411 KYE stores, 19 hospitals, 13 street markets, 6 camps, etc. every day.

The biggest goal now is to expand the network of brown bins in the houses of the Municipality of Athens, in order to create green neighborhoods in all the Municipal Communities.