The restoration of the damage to the underwater pipeline of Aegina by the construction company begins, as the Piraeus District Attorney’s Office ordered the immediate release of the sea space at the point where the leak was observed.

It is recalled that a few days ago, Nikos Hardalias -with two letters from him- requested full restoration of the damage from the contractor of the project exactly as defined by the contractual obligations of the construction company based on the relevant contract, while the Prosecutor also accepted the request of the Regional Governor of Attica for the appointment of a special independent expert who will monitor each phase of the restoration for the proper execution of the project.

In this context, the restoration work will be overseen by the Coast Guard’s Submarine Mission Unit, as well as a second independent expert.

By order of Nikos Hardalia, a meeting will be held on Monday between the technical services of the Region, representatives of the Coast Guard and the contractor, so that the restoration work on the pipeline can begin in the middle of the week.

It is noted that for the case, the Regional Governor of Attica had filed, a month ago, an indictment against all those responsible at the Criminal Prosecution Office of Piraeus, a move that was necessary so that the Coast Guard divers could perform an autopsy at the site of the damage and in order to ” run” quickly all the necessary procedures, after the successive problems throughout the previous period with the water supply on the island of Aegina.