For discrepancies of the prices on the products included in “Lent basket” from supermarket to supermarket he spoke to his “Misfits”. the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekasresponding to citizen complaints at the station.

“The discrepancies are either due to actual data – such as operating costs of supermarket chains – or because of a different one commercial policy of every chain” said Mr. Skrekas.

In general, however, this year the Lenten basket is “medium-weight same cheapest as last year” emphasized the minister of development.

In addition, it is in operation platform of the ministry where consumers can view and compare prices for the products they are interested in from their neighborhood supermarkets to build their own ‘Basket’.

Kostas Skrekas clarified who she is this year the price of laganaso that the citizens know when a dirty profit is being made.

As the minister said, her hon large laganas (750 g) ranges from 2.80 – 3.50 euro and for her small from 1.80 – 2 euros.

The “Lent basket” will be valid until May 4, i.e. Holy Saturday.