Today Saturday and tomorrow, Sunday, is expected to peak the departure of the excursions for the three days of Clean Monday with Traffic measures being increased on the entire road network of the country.

According to the data of the Traffic Police, yesterday, from 6 in the morning today until 6 in the afternoon, they passed through both national networks, almost 60 thousand cars (32,500 from Athens-Corinth and 27,374 from Athens-Lamia).

Due to the increased traffic of excursionists, both the personnel and the means of the Hellenic Police, mainly the Traffic Police Services, are on increased operational readiness, while increased measures have been taken throughout the country’s road network, with the aim of the safe movement of the citizens and the prevention of traffic accidents.

Also, the traffic ban for all lorries with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tonnes has been in force since yesterday

Increased traffic at the ports as well

Today from Piraeus for Cyclades 6 routes with over 3 thousand passengers.

From Seamstress 3 routes are scheduled with 2,600 passengers and from Laurel other 3 routes with 1000 passengers.

* Yesterday (Friday) 12,589 passengers left Piraeus for Cyclades with 12 routes and 6,214 passengers for Argosaronicos with 26 routes.

* From Rafina there were 6 routes and 4919 passengers traveled and from Lavrio another 6 routes and 1469 passengers traveled.