The police found a lot of “munitions” inside the premises of the School of Positive Sciences of the AUTH, during yesterday’s operation, after information that a group of people tried to remove the sheet metal outside the library under construction, in the former occupation of the Biological.

As part of the operation, a total of 49 people were brought forward, arrested, and found and confiscated:

• 22 wooden poles, to the ends of which pieces of cloth were attached,
• 12 anti-suffocation masks,
• 11 fire extinguishers, containing paint,
• 4 pyrotechnic constructions (naval torch type),
• 1 metal iron cutter,
• 2 metal cutting wheels,
• 2 cutting discs,
• 1 metal wheel wrench,
• 1 sledgehammer,
• 6 bike helmets,
• 2 activated police hand grenades (flash and tear gas),
• 1 laptop computer,
• items of clothing (gloves, balaclavas) and
• number of door locks and chains.

A preliminary investigation is carried out by the State Security Sub-Directorate of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate.