Today, the premiere of the afternoon surgeries in Patras has been scheduled, with the University Hospital of Rio first.

Two operating theaters have been allocated, for vascular surgery and neurosurgery. Also on March 28, two more rooms will be made available to general surgeons and orthopedists, for already arranged surgeries.

In the near future, the “St. Andreas”, since doctors in the surgical field already have ready waiting lists with patients.

In the meantime, Association of Hospital Doctors of Achaia expressed her contrast of the operation of the afternoon surgeries and proceeds on the day they start in a work stop and gathering at the PGNP.

According to EINA, there are 8 blanks organic seats anesthesiologists and another 24 vacant organic positions from all surgical specialties.

Also, from twelve operating roomsfour remain closed and “the government advertises the operation of the afternoon-on-payment surgeries and indeed with the already existing staffwhich is due to thousands of days off, regular annual leave, staff who know very well what it means to work burnout and over-schedule” the announcement states.

EINA organizes at noon (2) a gathering outside the PGNP, in which also participate labor unions, agencies, the Association of Pensioners (IKA) EFKA Achaia, the Association of Teachers and Kindergarten teachers, etc.