Reporting by Makis Synodinos

“Holy” had 55 years old to Rafina who accepted wild attack from two large bodies dogs in the city center and resulted in him ending up in the hospital.

Them moments of anxiety who lived on Wednesday morning where she had taken her pet for a walk and was attacked, describes to the victim:

“I’m afraid. I was saved because the two neighbors came and helped me. They were aiming to grab my little dog. I fell down and was bitten on my hands and earsays the 55-year-old who remains shocked by the attack she received.

About the incident announcement took out Municipality of Rafina in which he specifically stated: “On Wednesday morning, a resident of our city who had taken her pet for a walk, received attack by two large dogs at parking of Mantika Street.

The offense was outstanding violent. The animals – it is still unknown whether they are strays or controlled ones that had escaped the attention of their owner – caused serious injuriesas a result of which the lady who was the victim of the attack had to go to Sismanoglio for first aid.

The competent service of the Municipality of Rafina – Pikermio was immediately informed, which started an effort to locate the animals, without success so far. The mobilization will continue while the residents have been notified to contact the Municipality in case they are spotted.”