And while all the works in Eleftherias Square of Heraklion were progressing smoothly and within the schedule, an unexpected development on Friday at noon overturns all the data to date, forcing the workers to stop work and no one is able to know if and when the renovation works of the square will start again.

According to reliable Cretalive sources, while the workers were excavating the square to remove the marble slabs and replace them with new ones… they came across various finds.

Archaeologists from the Ephorate of Antiquities of Heraklion were immediately called to the scene and confirmed the… incredible. New archaeological findings, unknown until today, were revealed by the workers’ hoe. The finds were carefully transported over the weekend to the neighboring Archaeological Museum for examination by specialist conservators and scientists in order to assess their archaeological value as well as to determine precisely the chronological period to which they belong.

In fact, information indicates that if the scenario is verified that the finds are related to the Minoan period (3,000 BC to 1,450 BC) the possibility remains open that the services in good cooperation with the Municipality and the Ministry of Culture will proceed to expansion of the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, with the result that the square will completely change its form and use, at least as we knew it until December 2023, when the renovation works began.