By Ioanna Mandrou

The main defendant for the heinous sexual abuse of the minor will spend twenty years in prison Column after he was sentenced to life and 27 years in prison for a series of serious crimes.

The Mixed Jury Court measured the sentence of life and 27 years for the protagonist of this horrible story, while for the second in line and gravity convicted for the sexual abuse of the minor, the sentence imposed was 18 years in prison.

Both will be sent to prison, while for the other convicts who have sentences from 13 months to 7 years, a battle is being fought by their advocates to achieve the suspension of the execution of their sentence.

As for the minor’s mother who was largely acquitted of the serious charges, her conviction for extortion led the Court to impose a sentence of 20 months which means she will be released from prison tomorrow, having been temporarily detained for 18 months and she has served her sentence.

Only the main accused and one other will go to jail, as the rest were suspended with restrictive conditions until the appeal of the case is heard. The mother of the minor will be released tomorrow because she has served the 20-month sentence imposed on her.