The obligation of all of us to maintain the ecological balance of marine ecosystems, underlined the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakis, during his speech on the first day of the parallel events of the 9th “Our Ocean Conference 2024”.

The responsible minister referred to the “Amorgorama”, a program in which the fishermen of Amorgos have agreed to stop their fishing activities during the reproductive months of the fish, with Mr. Avgenakis stressing “it is a perfect example of the Greek agricultural economy that builds day by day the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis”.

According to a statement by the FSA, it referred to the scientific study prepared by the Agricultural University of Athens in collaboration with the non-profit organizations “Blue Marine Foundation” and “Cyclades Preservation Fund”, through which the existing conditions in the local marine ecosystems are evaluated, as well as the environmental, social and economic consequences that the further expansion of the “Amorgora” project would have on the entire island.

The role of the FSAAT is twofold, as the minister stated, adding:On the one hand, we have a duty to ensure, but also to make known, the long-term fishing cultural heritage, on the other hand, to highlight water resources as one of the main pillars of the Greek economy, attractive to young people, resistant to modern challenges, a field of modern perspectives and opportunities for creation and advance».

Finally, according to the same announcement, Mr. Avgenakis emphasized that “we are here today to prove that “Sustainable Fishing” in Greece can be implemented, that our fishermen with respect for the environment and biodiversity can take off the opportunities for prosperity and sustainability, how blue horizons through partnerships and mutual trust can ensure security, prosperity and progress”.