Announcement about the 31-year-old police officer who died in the building that collapsed on Piraeuson Tuesday morning, issued by Panhellenic Federation of Police Employees.

More detail:

On the occasion of the tragic news of the death of our young colleague who participated in the construction work of demolishing an old building in Piraeus, with all due respect to his memory and expressing our sincere condolences to his relatives, as a trade union body, we must point out for your knowledge and compliance every competent official, but also to inform society, that:

The Greek woman and the Greek policeman are still experiencing a dire financial situation, having now exceeded their means. This is proven in the most irrefutable way by today’s tragic event, where our colleague lost his life, seeking the minimum supplement to his meager salary. The starvation wage and not the one that the Minister of Citizen Protection, when asked about the policemen’s salary, was drumming up in the most official way.

NO, the colleague who risks his life in the service and resorts to second and third jobs for years now, does NOT “get a little more than the civil servant, 1,000, 1,200 euros, depending on the time”!

It’s a pity, because they are forcing us, at this difficult time for the police family, to once again emit a cry of anguish for the future of the Greek Police. However ungrateful and sad it may be, let those who determine our destinies know one thing:

They will not easily escape from the harsh reality. That is why we call them to accept the truth. Civil servants are not all the same.

-Recognize the peculiarities of the police operation.

-Respect the Human Policeman, the one who rests the whole edifice on his back and does not allow anyone to underestimate him and expose him to mortal danger, even when he is fighting for his survival.


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