ELAS has arrested nine people, three of whom are hospitalized, for yesterday’s tragedy in Piraeus, when during work on a two-storey house on Neorion Street, on the Mitsopoulou coast, part of the building collapsed, resulting in the loss of the life of the 31-year-old off-duty special guard who participated in the construction work.

Seven of the workers working on the building were brought in and are being held at the Municipal Theater police station and today they are expected to be taken to the prosecutor’s office as part of the self-importation.

According to ELAS, among those arrested is a contractor, who is accused of violating article 286 which concerns violation of the building rules and the general building regulation.

The rest of those arrested are accused of violating the building regulations.

24 firefighters with 8 vehicles worked on the building on Neorion Street in Pasalimani, while the 1st EMAK was also called.

According to the first information, an electronic permit for small works had been issued by the municipality of Piraeus.

For the incident, a preliminary investigation is being conducted by the competent department of the Fire Service.