ID.3 brings thousands of “brand new” customers to Volkswagen |

ID.3 brings thousands of “brand new” customers to Volkswagen |

In just one year of commercial presence, ID.3 managed to collect about 150,000 orders with almost half of them coming from customers who had never owned a model of the brand before.

To make it more understandable, on average, the proportion of completely new Volkswagen customers who choose the brand for other models for the first time is about 36%. In the first half of 2021, strong pan-European demand for both the ID.3 and other models in the ID range made Volkswagen the leader in the electric vehicle market in Europe.

The German company recently conducted research among ID.3 customers in Germany, on the reasons for their purchase. The environmental performance of the model (60%) and the innovative technology (51%) scored high on the list of criteria. For almost 80% of German customers, the ID.3 is the most commonly used vehicle in their household. For most users, charging their vehicles at home is already completely carbon neutral. About 70% of them use only green electricity, either from their own photovoltaic system or from the electricity supplier.


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