In the list of the most endangered cultural landscapes in Europe, he included Serifos, Sifnos and Folegandros, Europa Nostra.

As stated by the organization, whose purpose is saving endangered monuments in Europethe Cyclades and especially the smaller islands, are in danger of losing their authentic character due to over-tourism and “unbridled” – as he says – construction activity.

Cycladic Islands, notably Sifnos, Serifos and Folegandros, GREECE from Europa Nostra on Vimeo.

“The Cyclades, known for their unique charm and rich culture, are facing a myriad of challenges due to the explosion of tourist development and rampant building.

Despite the driving force of economic growth, this entails a number of environmental, cultural and social issues, such as the degradation of natural resources, the destruction of cultural and natural heritage, water scarcity, waste management problems and socio-economic inequalities.

The islands are in danger of losing their exceptional and authentic character as hyper-tourism threatens to overshadow their charm” says the report of the organization. .

In the list of endangered monuments are included among others the Christian Church of Saint George in Turkey, parts of which collapsed in the 2023 earthquake, the Church of Saint Peter in Milan, the Synagogue of Siena, and the workers’ housing of the city of Roubaix-Tourcois in France.