Selected executives after demanding training take up key positions in the public administration.

These are the first 122 employees of the new branch of Staff Officers, who are placed by decision of the Minister of the Interior, Nikis Kerameos, in key sectors of the State.

This sector is made up of university-educated executives who fall into three specialties: Public Policy Analysts, Legalists and Digital Policy Analysts.

The executives are placed in the ministries, in the general secretariat of Coordination and in the general secretariat of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs of the Presidency of the Government, giving, according to the Ministry of the Interior, “additional value to the centers of direction and coordination”. In the Ministries, the positions of Public Policy Analysts and Legal Specialists are allocated to the Coordination Service, while the positions of Digital Policy Analysts are allocated to the Digital Governance Service.

For their selection, a remote examination using artificial intelligence tools was carried out, for the first time in the Greek Public Administration.

He followed intensive training in the three subjects through a demanding program prepared by the National Center for Public Administration and Self-Government (EKDDA) and the General Secretariat of Public Administration with the support and expertise of DG REFORM of the European Commission, Expertise France and the French National Institute of Public Administration, in order for the executives to be able to cover critical positions of the state.