Express bad weather has been hitting the country since last night, with heavy rains. At the center of the night were the “afflicted” Thessaly and Magnesia as well as the islands of the Northern Sporades, Skiathos and Skopelos, but fortunately without causing any disasters.

According to the correspondent of SKAI, Panos Garoufalia, from the information so far, the bad weather does not seem to have caused serious problems. The fire department had no incident calls.

Last night due to the heavy rain some roads in Karditsa was floodedwhile it snowed in Pertouli.

In the area of ​​Magnesia, the phenomenon hit hard during the night South Pelion with some roads being filled with water, but it seems that the area has endured.

In his city Volos we had some problems electricity supply which were restored.

With the first light of day, the state apparatus that was on foot during the night will investigate whether there are landslides in the mountain network and especially in Pelion, which received several millimeters of rain.

Photo File – Flooding in Volos from the bad weather Daniel