An important weapon in the effort to identify the animal abusers the Authorities have in their hands with its control DNA.An important development that brought the first results as it contributed to the identification of an unconscious person accused of throwing puppies in Megara.

Marianthi Dimopoulou, Special Secretary for the Protection of Companion Animals, spoke to ERTNews about how the authorities, with the help of volunteers, managed to solve the case that has now gone to the courts.

“From 2021, with Law 4830 of ’21, the creation of Genetic Material Storage and Analysis Laboratory (EFAGYZS), which was established within the Academy of Athens,” said Ms. Dimopoulou to ERTNews.

Describing the simple process, he explained that the lab will take DNA samples with a simple blood draw that veterinarians do on animals. Any owner who does not want to sterilize their animal has the option to provide a sample of genetic material, go to their veterinarian to take blood from their animal and the veterinarian will send it to EFAGYZS. There this blood will remain in the sample bank. As long as the bank is full, it will be possible to check and identify abandoned or dead animals.

The incident in Megara

Speaking about the incident of puppy abuse in Megara, which was recently resolved, the Special Secretary for the Protection of Companion Animals, explained that a prosecutor’s order ordered a veterinarian to take a sample of the animal’s genetic material.

In this particular case, the suspect denied his involvement in the incident with the puppies that he threw in a bin. “He was denying that the animal from which the DNA was taken is his own. He said it’s a stray that randomly enters his yard,” said Ms. Dimopoulou about this particular case.

As he revealed, animal lovers in Megara saw the perpetrator, a complaint was made, the police searched for him and after locating him with other animals in his possession – as well as one that resembled the dead puppies – he took a DNA sample for identification.

“With the help of two excellent volunteers, Mr. Grammatikakis, a trainer, and Mr. Mantzorou, they were able to take the sample that the prosecutor wanted” from her companion animal, Ms. Dimopoulou pointed out, saying that the alleged perpetrator, who denies the charge, in case he is convicted he is threatened with imprisonment of up to 10 years in addition to a fine.

“Now he has assumed Justice who will tell us how the case will develop” added the Special Secretary for the protection of companion animals, saying that she expects the outcome of this case.