The time is counting down until the electric buses in Athens and Thessaloniki are made available to the public in the coming weeks. According to the contract for their supply, the new electric buses, type YUTONG E12 (140 in Athens and 110 in Thessaloniki), must have traveled 18 hours a day – without passengers – until they complete 5,000 km in daily traffic conditions.

Routes made with sandbags, weighing 2.5 tons, to simulate the weight of the passenger public, to get the “green light” and welcome passengers. At the same time, the installation of telematics and ticket validation machines has already begun, while the process for the installation of issuing machines is also underway, with the aim of issuing tickets with electronic payments within the cities.

The introduction of electrification in public urban transport leads to the next day of Transport and implements, in essence, the strategic plan of the government for sustainable urban mobility.

The electric buses are 12 meters, 75 passengers. They charge in about three hours. Based on the competition specifications, they must have a range of at least 180 kilometers. However, until now the test routes have shown that the autonomy of the buses reaches 300 kilometers.

They have an air conditioning system, ventilation, tilting windows. They have a ramp for the access of Persons with Disabilities in the middle door and a special position for a wheelchair. They are ecological and zero emission and they are silent.

Stefanos Agiasoglou: “2024 is a turning point as we move public urban transport into the next day”

“2024 is a milestone year as we drive public urban transport into the next day, effectively renewing the fleet of OSY vehicles. S.A. In the immediate future, 140 new technology electric buses will be put into daily traffic, upgrading the passenger experience on the one hand and zeroing out the company’s environmental footprint on the other. Methodically and consistently, we implement, within schedules, the goals we have set for the modernization of OSY. SA in the direction of green urban mobility.

The electric buses are already being tested on the streets of Attica, as part of the supply contract, and they fully meet the high standards that have been set for their inclusion in the transportation project we are carrying out” said the managing director of O.SY to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency .A.E. Stefanos Agiasoglou.

According to OSY, the new buses have an Intelligent Bus Monitoring / Management System (ITS), namely:

  1. Fleet management.
  2. Fleet overview.
  3. Live monitoring.
  4. Route overview.
  5. Resource management.
  6. Charge management.
  7. Monitor chargers.
  8. Charge file.
  9. Charge statistics.
  10. Full reporting system.
  11. Energy consumption report.
  12. Full report parameters.
  13. Period mileage.
  14. Battery temperature during operation, voltage, SOC, performance.
  15. Driving behavior report.
  16. Intelligent maintenance monitoring system.
  17. The security systems
  18. Fire detection system, at the high voltage points of the vehicle, with automatic activation of dry powder fire extinguishers. Additional fire extinguishing capability using switches from the driver’s compartment.
  19. Vehicle battery protection system with high purity nitrogen, to control the oxygen concentration to prevent combustion and explosion.
  20. Structural protection against high temperature up to 1300 Celsius, in the battery packs, made of synthetic material, fire-resistant mica paper as well as ASC protective cover with multi-layer materials.
  21. Accumulator pack equipped with an anti-explosion type valve to deal with extreme cases.
  22. Battery pack space shielding with crash bars.
  23. Water-cooled battery protection.
  24. Two 6 kg fire extinguishers in the passenger compartment.
  25. Passenger boarding and disembarking control cameras as well as a vehicle reversing camera.
  26. Seven passenger emergency exits.
  27. Speed ​​limitation system.
  28. Electronic stability control system (EBS & ESC).
  29. Pedestrian & Vehicle Collision Warning System (FCW – UFCW – PCW).
  30. Vehicle safety switches.