The 56-year-old TV presenter, who allegedly demanded money on behalf of a 39-year-old former model manager and TV salesman, in Thessaloniki, was released. The Autoforo Three-member Misdemeanor Court postponed today’s trial of the case due to the absence of the prosecution witness. He then took the accused into custody.

The Prosecutor’s Office of First Instance brought criminal proceedings against the two involved (television presenter and former model manager) and another unknown person.

Specifically, they are accused of attempted extortion by complicity and serially.

The first accused who was arrested, on Saturday, in the context of the autoforos was referred to be tried at the Three-member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki. Due to the obstruction of his defense counsel, the accused requested that the case be adjourned. The court accepted the request but maintained his detention following a similar proposal by the district attorney.

According to the case file, the complaints were preceded by a 44-year-old singer who reported to the police that a second defendant, who is also the owner of websites and a printed newspaper, was extorting him. In particular, he pointed out that he asked him for around 15,000 euros to withdraw related publications where it was stated that the singer is a pedophile and that he sexually abused a 13-year-old for three months.

On April 20, a 46-year-old man went to the same police service and complained that the second defendant was blackmailing him to pay him 200,000 euros for withdrawing similar reports about the sexual abuse of a minor.

The first defendant, who presents himself as a journalist, allegedly called the 36-year-old to ask for part of the money after consultation with the second defendant. During their meeting at a hotel near the airport, he was arrested by police officers from the Thessaloniki Security Service.