There are many complaints that reach SKAI regarding severe staff shortages in hospitals. In particular, the problems in the hospitals of Patras and Xanthi and in general in Western Greece are big.

Regarding these serious deficiencies, the Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiades speaking on Thursday morning on the “Mismatches” show, he said that recruitment competitions are running, however, from the 700 positions announced the 126 positions were deemed barren, that is, no doctor expressed interest.

Mr. Georgiadis admitted that indeed there is a big problem at the Xanthi hospital since, as he said, there is a lack of anesthesiologists. However, he stressed that shortages of doctors and nursing staff are a problem across the EU.

Specifically for the Bodosalkeio hospital in Ptolemaida, the health minister said “we have made decisions, the ICU will soon be operational”. At the same time, he said that “today we have double the number of operational ICU beds compared to 2019. We have 100% functioning ICU beds”.

The Minister of Health also responded to what will be done with ASEP’s announcements about auxiliary staff who served on Covid saying no one is going to leave.

Finally, regarding why the movement of health workers is allowed from the position they took up when they were recruited to specific structures, Mr. Georgiadis emphasized that “mobility in the public sector is a constitutional right”.