Disturbance prevails in his area Tsifut Kasteli in the Municipality of Gortyna after the bloody incident that occurred at noon on Holy Tuesday in the area, from which a 23-year-old man was injured.

Everything indicates that the bloody episode was not just a warning, but that the perpetrators wanted the 23-year-old dead.

The perpetrators with Kalashnikovs “gassed” the young man’s car, in which a minor was also riding, who managed to get out of the vehicle unharmed, while pistol bullets were also found at the scene.

According to information, there is intense past between the 23-year-old and the perpetrators with the investigations of ELAS focusing on a corresponding episode that had previously occurred in the wider area.

Specifically, it was March 28, 2023 when the 23-year-old and his brother were accused of attempted murder against a 42-year-old in Pretoria.

The perpetrator, together with his brother, had ambushed the man who was driving a 4X4. They waited well hidden in an olive field and as soon as the victim approached the spot, they fired Kalashnikovs about 8 times. A bullet went through the car and almost injured the man, but luckily it didn’t, as he managed to escape. The incident was recorded by security cameras.

According to information from Creta24, this feud started some time ago over the eyes of a woman.

The Chronicles

It all happened at midday on Holy Tuesday, when the car in which the 23-year-old was riding was shot by a Kalashnikov and a pistol, as a result of which the young man was injured.

The 23-year-old went to the Haraka Health Center with a wound on the left shoulder blade and was then transferred to the Venizelio General Hospital of Heraklion, with his life not in danger.

According to information at the time of the incident, there were two vehicles on each side, while it is being examined whether there was an exchange of fire.

Relatives are said to be involved in this bloody episode, while according to the same information there were three perpetrators.

There is an uproar at the scene while strong police forces have rushed to the spot, which have launched a manhunt to locate the perpetrators.

According to the latest information, the 23-year-old received M. Tritis yesterday.