330: Byzantium is renamed New Rome (later Constantinople) by Constantine the Great and becomes the capital of the Roman Empire.

1894: A major strike breaks out at the Pullman railcar factory in Illinois.

1926: By order of the dictator Theodoros Pagalos, women are forbidden to wear short skirts… The edge of the fabric must be 30 cm from the ground.

1927: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the USA is founded in Hollywood, and since 1929, it has awarded the Academy Awards every year.

1958: ERE and Konstantinos Karamanlis win the elections again, with a percentage of 41.16%. The United Democratic Left (EDA) emerges as the official opposition, with a surprising percentage of 24.42%.

1970: Massive disapproval of Pattakos in the Stadium by students, in a gathering for the three years of the junta.


483: Justinianus (Flavius ​​Petros Sabbatios Justinianus), emperor of Byzantium. (D. 14/11/565)

1720: Baron Munchausen, German aristocrat, who identified his name with teratology and lying. (D. 22/2/1797)

1771: Laskarina Pinotsi, better known as Bouboulina, heroine of the Greek revolution. (D. 22/5/1825)


912: Leo VI the Wise, Macedonian emperor of Byzantium. (Born 19/9/866)

1981: Bob Marley, Jamaican reggae singer. (Born 6/2/1945)

1990: Stratos Dionysiou, Greek folk singer from Nigrita. (Born 8/11/1935)