A criminal organization whose members were active in the trafficking of cocaine and raw cannabis in the greater Athens area was dismantled by the Narcotics Prosecution Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate.

In particular, on Friday, May 10, they were arrested in Moschato and Kallitheain the context of an organized police operation, 3 foreigners, one 32 years old and two 37 years old, accused of violating the law on addictive substances, while other members of the organization have been identified and are being sought.

The police officers, after information they had about a criminal organization that trafficked drugs, managed to identify the accused and certify their criminal activity by cross-referencing information data and evidence.

Specifically, the 37-year-old, as deputy leader, and the 32-year-old were in charge of supplying, reprinting, storing, guarding and dealing the drugs, finding customers, collecting the profits from the other members and sending the money to the leader of the organization, the who is wanted.

The other 37-year-old arrested used to deal in drugs on a case-by-case basis, just like the other members of the organization.

As it emerged from the preliminary investigation of the Drug Prosecution, more than 300 drug trafficking transactions were certified.

In a search carried out in a hotel room, the 32-year-old was caught in possession of 103.5 grams on behalf of the criminal organization cocaine and trace amount of crude cannabis.

In total, 103.5 grams of cocaine, a small amount of raw cannabis, 440 euros, 20 US dollars and 20 Canadian dollars, two scales, five mobile phones and a motorcycle were found and seized.

The arrested persons, with the case filed against them, were taken to the criminal prosecutor of Athens.